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Newage Ionic Sportswater 9+ pH
Newage Ionic Sportswater 9+ pH
Newage Ionic Sportswater 9+ pH
Newage Ionic Sportswater 9+ pH

Newage Ionic Sportswater 9+ pH

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Maintaining the pH balance on our body is crucial for it to have optimal Immunity 
and digestion both of which is critical for our good health and for us to recover from 
all the activities we do over the course of a day.

  • Detoxification and Flushing out Toxic Substances. 
  • With a higher pH our body fights diseases better as viruses thrive in lower pH acidic bodies
  • Aids in weight loss by replacing other carbonated sugary drinks in your diet. 
  • Improves the quality of your skin follicles and also bring a shine to your hair as well as skin. 
  • Alkaline water hydrates better than energy drinks found in the market as its devoid of unnecessary sugars and has only electrolytes and minerals aimed to
  • supercharge your body after a workout or other physical activities. 
  • With a balanced pH your body does not suffer from Acidity
  • Aids in better digestion as well as helps lower the blood sugar levels. 
  • Works as a Natural Diuretic as well as a Liver Tonic. 

H2U Watercare Company has three products which enrich water with Electrolytes and Trace Minerals. The Alkaline water is supercharged to help improve your immunity, digestion and is hands down the best product for Hydration trumping even normal water.

  • H2U WATERPLUS 8+ ( best alternate to carbonated soda and water ) 
  • NEWAGE IONIC SPORTSWATER 9+ (for fitness enthusiast and recreational athletes)
  • NEWAGE IONIZED 9.5+ ( for athletes and fitness professionals ) 

We produce enriched water from a technology called ECA ( Electrochemically Activated Ionization Process ) due to which we do not use any ADDED CHEMICALS to produce this highly enriched range of alkaline water.