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Covid 19 Prevention Policy

The Situation with Covid 19 evolves day to day, our Top priority during these challenging times continue to be the Health and Safety of team mates & customers. Hydrop was built with focus on the Quality of Service being exceptional, yes exceptional that's our benchmark. 


The following notice is issued in our endeavour to keep you, our water delivery partners and the next customer safe. 😷

1.We request you to inform us in case anyone in your house or society has been tested Covid positive and/or has been home quarantined.
2.In such a case, we will not deliver the reusable 20 Litre water cans to you, instead we will deliver one-time use 10 Litre water cans.
3.We will resume delivery of 20 Litre water cans to you after a period of 30 days from the time of information.
4.All deliveries to Covid-19 positive apartments will be made till the society gate or the main gate.

We regret any inconvenience if caused and appreciate your support. 🤝

Even before Covid-19 we have been promoting healthy & hygienic ways of handling our shipments. We have further doubled down on our efforts in this front. 

  1. The Storage Facilities are disinfected everyday and have restricted access.
  2. All our delivery teammates follow strict disinfection protocol.
  3. They are equipped with 2 sets of fresh masks and gloves daily.
  4. Our Teammates are working with not just full salary but we also are giving them Crisis Bonus, for not leaving their post and for the sincerity they are showing to the work. 
  5. The entire team is trained on various hygiene  regiments ensuring they are safe as well as their families remain safe.

These are unprecedented times, we do request our customers to be patient with us as we do constantly face operational challenges. Stay Safe, Stay Hydrated 🙏